WINTER HOURS 1 MAY - 30 SEPT: Frozen mornings/damp late afternoons means reduced hours 4hr Hires. All pickups to be completed by 4pm
Dates we are Closed:
Kings Bday June 1-3 pickups only, Matariki June 28-30th, Labour Weekend 26-28th Oct. 


Bouncing Castles Helpful and Friendly Team will Endevour to Answer all your Questions Here.

How much access space is needed to get an inflatable in?

At least 1 metre wide for most inflatables, please ensure that trees or Air conditioning units are not blocking the access. Please enquire if you are not sure. If we get to job and access is not suitable we do have the right to not continue with the booking. 

What happens if it is a Windy Day?

If Strong or Gale Force Winds are forecast we may cancel your Bouncy Castle. Although we Peg down all inflatables well the General rule is if winds are exceeding 35km then it is not safe to use the Inflatable. If we arrive to your house and the Winds are too strong please know that it is for the safety of your children if we cannot setup on the day. 

How much flat area do we need?

As our bouncy castles vary in size, please check in the descriptions of our Castles the Sizes and allow 1-2 metres space around the area. When pacing out a space, remember to look up and check for overhanging trees. If you are not sure just call and ask us.

What surface can inflatables go on?

Grass is the most suited surface so we can Peg down. Please advise prior to booking for dirt, some concrete, paving, asphalt etc. Not mud or gravel. There is some Castles (mostly our large ones) that we will not setup on any concrete. We will not setup on concrete if Moderate to Strong Winds are forecast. Please advise at time of booking.

Can the inflatable be in contact with walls or trees?

No the inflatable can suffer abrasion damage if it is in direct
contact with branches or walls. When we deliver the inflatable we will place it so as to avoid contact with these damaging surfaces.

We booked ages ago, do you ring to confirm?

We will send a text, email or ring the evening before the castle hire to confirm arrangements.

How does the inflatable stay blown up?

The inflatable is not a sealed unit. It is therefore continually filled with air which comes from an electric blower. The blower is connected to your power supply by a sealed, heavy duty extension cord supplied by us. The extension cord also has a safety switch connected to it. Electricity usage is around 1 unit per hour per blower.

If there is no electricity within 25m from the erection site of the bouncy castle then we can supply a generator at an extra cost Please enquire if you require this.

How long does it take to set up?

Around 15 minutes - 30 minutes, depending on the site access and the inflatable.

How many children can use the inflatable at the one time?

Its recommended no more than 4-6 Children at a time. Please see Castle descriptions for age/weight recommendations. Its the weight that counts! So really depends on the ages of children using the Castles and Size of the Castle Hired. Remember safety is paramount and it is always better to have too few on, than too many.

Can Adults use your Castles?

No! Our castles are strictly for Children under 10yrs depending on Castle. Toddler Castles are for under 5 years old, Commercial Grade Castles Under 10 Years Old. Please see castle descriptions for age limits. Adults can sit or stand on castles to assist younger children but jumping is not allowed. 

What happens if it rains on the day?

Our smaller castles may fit in your garage or large indoor room so if the forecast is looking bad and you have planned an outdoor event give us a ring to discuss if your ordered castle will fit indoors or if available you could downsize to one that will.

We cannot deliver our Castles if it is raining! If its Raining/Strong Winds due to Safety reasons we will not deliver. We will ring you on the day to arrange another time if required. Bouncy castles really are NOT much fun in the cold and wet. If you have a party planned for the Autumn / Winter months, then we suggest either booking a hall to use the inflatable in, we can advise venue options for having a back-up plan. Maybe consider a small Castle that will fit in your garage at home if it is for Under 5's.

We do suggest if Cancellation due to weather is going to be a big issue for you that its best to book an afternoon party as its also hard for us to make a call if its raining first thing in the morning as if we are really busy there is simply not enough time for us to wait to closer to your party time to make the decision as we simply cant drop all our castles off at the same time. 

How about if I want to cancel?

If you cancel for bad weather, then provided you tell us in plenty of time, there is no cost to you.

Cancellations on the day of your booking due to Rain can be made again by contacting us PRIOR to 9 am. If we turn up and you then decide you want to cancel there will be a fee charged of $50 – $100 depending on distance and equipment ordered.

Any cancellations made within 7 days of your Event for reasons other than Covid or bad weather will be charged a $25 cancellation fee. 

How is payment made and when?

Payment can be made in CASH to our driver on delivery. Or prior to the day by direct deposit into our bank account. We also now offer Afterpay. 

How long can I have the inflatable for?

Our hire prices are based for up to a 5 hour Hire or in some cases depends on the availability of the Inflatable you are wanting on the day and are required for a minimum of 2 Hours. If you require the castle for longer please enquire and you may do so for an added hourly fee on top of normal hire price. Bookings within Summer in a backyard can go to an hour before Dusk. During the winter months, obviously the days get shorter and it gets darker much earlier bookings should be completed 1 hour before sunset at the latest. Winter hire time hours are reduced to 4 hour hire time. 

What happens if the Castle deflates during the day of our hire?

First check the power cord hasn't come unplugged, Check the inflation tube is still attached and the blower hasn't been blocked if this doesn't solve the problem Contact us by phone asap and we will talk you thru possible solutions and if the problem can not be fixed and as long as its not due to miss use of the Castle and less than half way  into your hire time we will come out and replace it with another castle for the remainder of your Hire Period (replacement is dependant on availability and will most likely be a different Castle). If we cannot offer a replacement then other options will be discussed.

What happens if we damage the inflatable?

If the damage is considered by us to be malicious then you will be liable to pay for all repairs/replacement and transport costs associated with having the inflatable repaired. If adults use a bouncy castle that is not an adult castle, and it is damaged, then the above will also apply as these inflatables are specifically available for children only.

Can you Hire for Large Public Events?

Yes we can and do recommend the Superhero, Angry birds obstacle, Crocodile Bounce, Bounce House or  Jungle Bounce for larger events. We are happy to do smaller public events with our other medium sized castles, please enquire.

Can we Pickup the Castle ourselves?

You may arrange to pickup from our Pickup range  as these are small and light enough to fit in a standard car and carried by one strong person.  We will require a $100 bond that will be refunded as long as all equipment is returned and castle comes back dry and after we are able to inflate to check the castle which could take up to 7 days. If some equipment is not returned we reserve the right to not refund your bond. 

Can we pickup the night before and leave it out overnight?

No. Pickup Castles are for the 1 day hire. If we allow night before pickup or morning after return castle must only be setup the morning of hire and down and packed up before dusk same day in order to keep it dry. It will get wet overnight along with the wind/leaves/dust in the air so creates a bigger cleaning job for us plus wet castle return and you will be charged $50 cleaning fee that would be withheld from your bond. 

Do you Supply Safety Mats?

Yes we will supply safety Mats with our castles that require them. (not with pickup castles) 

What else should I be aware of?

Please keep streamers, poppers, silly string etc away from any inflatable as they stain the Pvc!! Face Paint also stains the vinyl. Please make sure all children’s faces are completely dry prior to them jumping. You may also want to check that when children perspire the paint starts to run. Any streamer etc damage found on the inflatable at time of pick up or in bad cases when we clean the inflatable over the following seven (7) days will result in a cleaning charge of $50.